Unit/Package: 9 bottles * 1 carton
Manufacture: Unilever Vietnam
Country of Origin:  Vietnam
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Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Mô tả

Sunlight Lemon with lemon extract and natural mineral salt in each drop, helps to clean grease with the power of 100

lemons, bring natural fragrance, clean dishes and no odor, at the same time very gentle, nourish your hands.

The product is twice as powerful as the grease, baking disinfectant, which is 100 times better than ordinary dishwashers

and protects the health of the family.

Nước rửa chén Sunlight chanh 400g

Sunlight Lemon is an outstanding product of Sunlight with special formula such as 100 fruits combining with active

antiseptic, not only clean all grease, clean the bowl but It also protects the skin, helping to keep hands smooth, fresh.

Sunlight is a trademark of Unilever Vietnam Ltd., was born in 1885. With the use

of natural ingredients in the product has helped Sunlight became the most trusted brand of dishwashing and floor cleaner

liquid in many countries around the world.